Tamarin Santana Golf Club

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Tamarin Golf Club
Weekend / PH
9 holes 2x9 holes 9 holes 2x9 holes
Walk In S$ 25 S$ 35 S$ 30 S$40
Members S$ 25

The above rates include:

  • Green fee
  • Caddy & buggy ( Twin Sharing )
  • 1 bottle of mineral water
  • 10 % government tax

Annual membership fee $ 500 per person, per year including:
  • 1 night Premier accommodation at Turi Beach Resort
  • 1 night Sea/Hill view accommodation at Nongsa Point Marina & Resort
  • Free swimming pool access at both resorts
  • 10% off in all dining outlets, sea sport activities and spa treatments


2D1N Package
S$ 118
S$ 142
single suplement S$36
single suplement S$55

Package Includes:

  • Welcome cocktail and cold towel upon arrival
  • One night Deluxe room accommdation at Turi Beach Resort or Nongsa Point Marina & Resort
    (on a twin sharing basis)
  • Full American breakfast
  • 2 x 9 hole green fee at Tamarin Santana Golf Club
  • Buggy & caddy (on a twin sharing basis)
  • Return ferry ticket inclusive of prevailing taxes
  • Golf bag handling fee
  • Imigration express clearance
  • Land transfer will be provided from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal to Golf Course and Turi Beach
  • A Surcharge will apply on public holidays and long weekend


Your golf swing can be influenced by the quality of the golfing equipment you have. If you want to make some serious improvements in your game, then its time you looked into these 4 pieces of equipment guaranteed to shave a few points of your score.
  • Weighted clubs: A weighted club offers one of the best ways to improve your swing as it gives you the correct feel for the backswing and downswing by adding resistance. The added weight of the club helps to train and make your muscles stronger.

    When you switch back to a regular club, you will be able to feel the difference in the power you have during your swing. Around a dozen strokes at a time is adequate with the weighted club to help improve your swing or to act as a warm up.

    Work through the motions of a swing slowly when using weighted clubs. Doing so will help to create a wider arc on the backswing, and help with getting the right tempo of the swing down.

    The use of the club will help improve posture and provide better swing consistency for golfers. A molded grip helps remind the golfer of the correct position for the hands as they swing the club.

  • Golf clubs: No two golfers have the same body type so to improve your swing it may be time to invest in custom fitted clubs. Though fitted cubs cost more, most golfers will tell you the expense is worth it.

    Clubs can be customized based on your swing speed, age and handicap; the custom fit gives a better grip, improves club head speed and is fitted to be the perfect height for the golfer. A custom club can also prevent a sliced ball that occurs because of a club being too flat.

  • Golf swing gloves: If you tend to have trouble with balls veering off to the side, the grip and wrist are typically the problem. Beginning golfers tend to flick their wrist at impact causing a shot to go wide instead of sending it straight down the line.

    Golf swing gloves function as a wrist guide, keeping the grip stable and giving more power since the golfer does not force the grip tighter. By keeping the wrist in the right position, golfers keep pressure off their wrist.

  • Golf balls: Regardless of what you may have heard, the price of your ball does not matter. The only difference between cheap and expensive balls is how much they affect your bank account!

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